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The Camella Cerritos Davao is a community intended for a harmonious daily living for families. Not only does it have beautifully designed house models and accessibility to all kinds of establishments, but it also does have amenities and features that would allow its residents to have fun, relax, and enjoy without having to go too far from home. 

The community is equipped with a grand entrance gate that is manned by security personnel to ensure safety and security of the residents. The façade is beautifully landscaped for a more welcoming and homey vibe. There is also a guard house for security procedures. The whole property is enclosed with a perimeter fence, and all the roads are well-lit especially at night. There will also be roaming guards around the subdivision for the security of all the residents and guests.

For sports enthusiasts, there is a basketball court in the subdivision that can also be used for other sports and physical activities. The entirety of the property can also be used for jogging to encourage residents to stay physically fit and healthy. Events and social occasions can be held at the Camella Cerritos Davao’s clubhouse. It can house large groups or intimate groups for any kind of celebrations and gatherings. It also features play parks for the kids and kids-at-heart to interact and have fun. There is also a swimming pool open for everyone, so residents need not travel far for a quick dip in the pool especially during the summer months.

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